Welcome to ASLAAP & the Las Nubes Ecohaven Biological Station. Ecohaven is a biological workstation inside La Amistad International Park in the heart of Panama’s Cloud Forest.  It is built using sustainable materials and alternative sustainable energy sources.

The property is used by scientists, student groups, birders and a variety of environmental agencies to assist in exploring and conserving the Amistad world heritage site within the Mesoamerican Conservation Corridor.

The facility protects and helps restore Panama’s natural ecology and serves as a model of preservation of the area’s biodiversity while also nurturing the local communities.

Our vision is a culture of sustainability – knowledgeable communities who value and implement best practices in the pursuit of a livelihood that understands the necessity of a balanced ecosystem.

ASLAAP’s programs are broadly based and combine research, education and community participation to develop a deep understanding of the ecosystem.

The community of Las Nubes was devastated August 17, 2014 when a freak storm triggered a landslide that dammed the Chiriqui River creating a lake that eventually broke through dumping millions of gallons of water on the village below. Many lives were lost and many homes damaged or destroyed.

In addition to rebuilding the riparian corridor by replanting trees to stabilize the river bank, the Las Nubes Ecohaven Biological Station intends to monitor the headwaters of the river to help ensure this never happens again.